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The Truffula Fairy by bloodrosered

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Hump day by aslavemind
Theresa Williams (Lorax OC) by suburbantimewaster
A Frozen Love sneak peak by Heartqueen14
When you realize you're even uglier in the furture by Slumber-Skies
i raelly like 'draw your otps' by Slumber-Skies
in which i do another 'draw your otp challenge' by Slumber-Skies
tfw youre rich so you slap a rocket onto a chair by Slumber-Skies
Onceler x Lorax
Onceler oh onceler by aslavemind
Uses of a thneed by JACKSPICERCHASE
Tumblr-Doodle .:Lorax and Broadway-Oncie:. by JACKSPICERCHASE
Onceler x Norma
Normaler by LilMonsterGurl
OMGGGGG WHO IS IT?????????? by Monininicka
The Lorax's Movie Family (truffula) tree by JulsSnape
Norma and the Once-Ler by Winxzafir
Onceler x Audrey
Audler by PerrythePlatypusGirl
And it's nothing like I've ever felt before by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Oops I Aud-ler'd by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Oncie and Audrey Dump by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Panda loves Charlie by aslavemind
Making A Funny by aslavemind
Figuring Something 2 by aslavemind
Herb is adopted Mama-ler Theory by aslavemind
Clash of The Alpha Bots Ch: 3 Sing me to sleep by LilMonsterGurl
Okay I just noticed the huge amount of screenshots in the group...
I'll be taking those down... I just don't like seeing those everywhere, let alone on dA.
It's my fault for not making this a specific rule, sorry x[
Remember just things YOU drew/wrote ^^;
More Journal Entries



Here is a group for all possible pairings with the Once-Ler.
Romantic or platonic it's up to you~

:bulletpink: No bashing anyone's art/pairing if you do not agree with it.
:bulletpink: Mature content is allowed, make sure to have the filters when necessary.
:bulletpink: No stolen artwork (this includes screenshots/gifs from the movie)
:bulletpink: Deviations should include the Once-Ler somewhere in them or at least refer to him.
:bulletpink: Please try to submit to the right folders.

That's pretty much it....
Come and join!!





Kitty Lockwood (New Design) by Gosalyn2007 Kitty Lockwood (New Design) :icongosalyn2007:Gosalyn2007 5 4 Once-ler and Lorax by Ixentrick Once-ler and Lorax :iconixentrick:Ixentrick 43 16 Crossover Once-ler and Merlin 4 by GabyCoutino Crossover Once-ler and Merlin 4 :icongabycoutino:GabyCoutino 10 8 Two Sides OF A Once ler by guardianarchangel Two Sides OF A Once ler :iconguardianarchangel:guardianarchangel 21 13 Entre Embroidered Handkerchief by SollinFaolan Entre Embroidered Handkerchief :iconsollinfaolan:SollinFaolan 9 7 Oncie and MK by PerrythePlatypusGirl Oncie and MK :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 35 23 My greed ler by SykeeKuh My greed ler :iconsykeekuh:SykeeKuh 11 9 Once- ler forever alone by Freakerybattery4 Once- ler forever alone :iconfreakerybattery4:Freakerybattery4 39 29 Art Nouveau: The Once-ler by Katy133 Art Nouveau: The Once-ler :iconkaty133:Katy133 11 1 Exile, Vilify. by MonotoneInkwell Exile, Vilify. :iconmonotoneinkwell:MonotoneInkwell 106 0 feels so close by Once--ler feels so close :icononce--ler:Once--ler 29 7 kids by 021 kids :icon021:021 1,261 45




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FairyGal11 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I've reopened my Wanted AD for searching for a Lorax Role Player. Now as you may know I've been on hiatus with my Lorax role play tales since my dearest friend Khaos hasn't returned to Deviantart for ages and I haven't heard much from her since March/April. Since then I've been feeling a little down and felt a little empty for I have stories and ideas I have yet for the Lorax World-but without my dearest friend I feel that part of the magic and wonder almost went out. BUT! I know somewhere out here there is somebody who possesses the moxy and the creative spirit that will surprise and amaze me just as she did. I know nobody can replace or be like Khaos-that I must move forward for tomorrow than clinging to the past and I know I will miss Khaos-but we promised each other we will never forget each other and she said she will return.

So Lorax and Once-ler fandoms across Deviantart! Across Twitter and Tumblr! I call out to you all! WHO AMONG you who reads my journal here! WHO among you is worthy to be my Lorax Role Player! To weave and create magnificent stories! TO breathe new originality to the movie! TO BRING chills and surprises! TO amaze and dazzle! I say you! WHO out there will step up to the challenge?

These are my requirements for anything wanting to role play with me:


+ Must know the characters well (ONCE-LER especially and the Lorax and others from the movie)

+ Must know the movie and love Dr. Seuss (See the movie many times)

+ Flexible hours (Notifies me if anything comes up, if their going anywhere, have school or other appointments so I know ahead of time if a turn will be delayed or to pause game while their out.)

+ Knows how to role play and puts lots of detail, emotion, etc in it. Be it paragraph form, script form-I WANT TO know if you can bring the characters to life! To breathe emotion and life into them, detail to the best of your ability of the scenary, items or other things to make the picture come to life in the mind-Anything! I am quite picky at times when it comes to that major portion. I want to see if you can put magic and wonder into each of your turns-your soul and heart, each thought and essence into each word and detail from your creative soul that brings the story to life one step at a time.

+ Accepts OCS (And has some interesting OCS that MIGHT flex into the story-If you have OC or whatnot. We will see where they fit and discuss what their like be it mine or yours)

+ Love musicals, music-etc and knows how to come up with original music that fits to scenes in the story. Because the stories I've done in the past with Khaos always had musical numbers at times even when we did a Xiaolin CHronicles/Lorax crossover.

+ Has interesting ideas to spice up the story. Anyway its all about having fun and embracing the love of Lorax and Once-ler. I am open to any ideas you got for scenes and other things.

Anyway note me if interested and tell me your style and show your work. Give me a sample of your role play and bring your A Game because I will choose those who will be honored to role playing the Lorax with me.
LunaRoLexLeR Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
onceler x tinky winky from teletubbies tho XDDDDDDD
edoddandodd Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist

onceler X EVERYONE? man I better get to work! onceler/Zero, onceler/gengar, oncler/tarantula from animal this sounds like fun! XD

GMD-girl93 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Just throwing an idea out there for drawers of the oncler and greedler..and Whovians..Oncler as the 10ths Dr. Greedler as the Master....-cough-

could. Be. AMAZING.
sofjadelly Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
The other version has problem with the audio at Let it grow. However,

If you have VUZE, download this version: The.Lorax.2012.DVDRip.XviD-AWESOMENESS
Its also full complete, and it has no audio problems whatsover.
sofjadelly Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist

Full (includes intro and end credits) 2012 dvdrip high quality Lorax film
demonsareoverrated Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Once-ler is the town bicycle: Everyone gets a ride.
sofjadelly Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I tried to write the lyrics of I love nature, here they are:
sofjadelly Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, is a Journal, but it has links to This is the place and How bad can I be in Latin Spanish ;)


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